Update: a Book Summary

Hello there. If you’ve found your way here, thanks for stopping by. As we move closer to publication, I’ll be sharing more information about My Name is Trouble on this blog. This week, I’m thrilled and nervous to present a summary. This is the text that’s going on the back of the book cover, and should give you a little more of an idea just what the hell this book is about. Enjoy.



Jenny Valentine has a secret.

Jenny Valentine is a secret.


Most of her classmates think Jenny is crazy. Sure, everyone read the Trouble books as a kid, but then they moved on. Grew up. But not Jenny. She’s still running around in a purple trench coat at age 16, sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong like it’s her job. No one knows she’s actually the estranged daughter of RJ Valentine, famed author of the bestselling Trouble: Girl Detective book series.

But when tragedy strikes, Jenny is summoned at long last to Valentine Manor. A vast fortune is up for grabs, but only if she can live up to her fictional counterpart’s reputation and solve the biggest mystery of her life. She’ll have to chase the ghosts of a life denied while staying one step ahead of a killer who has made Jenny his next target. It’s a dangerous game, but Jenny likes her odds.

After all, Trouble is her middle name.