Update: One month later...

Amazingly, the book has been out for a month already. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy! We’ve surpassed our modest sales targets and have been getting really positive reviews on Amazon and GoodReads. I’m delighted that our readers are getting to know Jenny Valentine and enjoying her antics so much. We’ve got a few updates to share on Trouble’s one-month birthday:

At the end of our last Bros Watch PLL Too podcast, Marco and I did a non-spoiler / spoiler Q & A for My Name is Trouble. Skip ahead to 1:37:34 for it. Don’t worry, there’s a warning when we get to the spoiler section.

We’ve created a subreddit for the Trouble books for readers to theorize and discuss the novels. Head over to /r/TroubleNovels and start a conversation!

Work has already begun on Book 2. There’s still a long road to publication, but actual pages exist, and we’re really excited about some of the new concepts we can play with in the sequel.

In the meantime, if you want to help support the book, consider leaving a review. Or loan the book to a friend. Or force your book club to read it. Happy sleuthing.